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            Many of Naples natives have called ‘MAST pizza the closest they have had in America in comparison to their home, and sometimes even better. All recipes are authentic Neapolitan creations that have traveled from the Mediterranean country right here at Province Place. The two pizza chefs, or “pizzaioli”, are brothers born and raised in Naples, named Fabio and Carmine De Angelis, have come to Boston to share their exquisite talent of providing mouth-watering pizzas. Even the oven is straight from Naples, crane lifted in during construction of MAST in 2014. All pizzas are cooked at 900 to 950 degrees, taking about one minute in the oven to cook thoroughly, with about 2 minutes in preparation for each pizza, meaning the time it takes to cook one pizza is just about 3 minutes. Do not miss out on an authentic Neapolitan pizza masterpiece your next visit at ‘MAST!

Margherita – San Marzano tomato, fior di latte, basil olive oil…..14

Marinara- SanMarzano Tomato, oregano , garlic olive oil …..12

Calzone Classico- Folded pizza with ricotta, salame, fior di latte, San Marzano tomato…..20

Quattro Sapori- 4 sections of: 1. zucchini 2. ricotta e salami 3. cherry tomato 4. arugula and sausage…..20

Speck – eggplant “funghetto”, smoked prosciutto, cherry tomato, fior di latte…..18

Ciurilli – zucchini blossoms, prosciutto cotto, cherry tomato, fior di latte, basil…..20

Wild Mushroom – Exotic and wild mushrooms, black trufle oil, fior di latte…..20

Saporita – broccoli rabe, housemade sausage, olive oil, Parmigiano Reggiano……16

Capricciosa -artichoke hearts, prosciutto cotto ham, olives, fior di latte,

San Marzano tomato…..18

Prosciutto e’ Rughetta – cherry tomato, garlic, olive oil, topped with arugula, Prosciutto di Parma, and shaved Parmigiano Reggiano…..19


Quattro Formaggi – Fontina , asiago fior di latte, Parmegiano Reggiano, gorgozola , olive oil…..17

Alla Diavola- Spicy Calabrese salami,arrabiata tomato sauce, fior di latte…..17

La Domenica – Sicilian eggplant, San Marzano tomato, basil, olive oil, Pecorino Romano , fior di latte…..14

OMAST’ – San Marzano tomato, fior di latte , imported Serrano Prosciutto, crema di ricotta , olive oil…..22

Anema e’ Cozze – mussels, shrimp, and countneck clams, oregano, garlic, parsley, and olive oil…..24

Ortolana – zucchini, Sicilian eggplant, exotic mushroom, broccoli rabe, garlic,fiore di latte…..16

Pizza Fritta – fried pizza with ricotta, prosciutto cotto ham, San Marzano tomato…..15

Brigante- Zucchini, Mediterranean olives, fior di latte, fresh basil …..16

Gamberi Pesto- Wild gulf shrimp , pesto Genovese, arichoke, fior di latte, cherry tomato…..21

Mast Restaurant Boston - A' Verace Pizza Napoletana

Pizza Menu