Come in and enjoy Southern Italian/European cuisine, Neapolitan wood-fired pizza and superb craft drinks.


  • Bufala Mozzarella

    Bufala Mozzarella

    Campania DOC bufala mozzarella. panecare
  • Risotto di Mare

    Risotto di Mare

    Mussels, Clams and Shrimp
  • Fritto di Calamari

    Fritto di Calamari

    Mountauk Bay calamari. housemade cherry peppers, lemon aioli
  • Fiore di Zucca

    Fiore di Zucca

    Squash blossoms, herbed ricotta, Italian farm cheese
  • Lamb scottadita

    Lamb scottadita

    All natural rack of 4. Barolo reduction, Provolone and Prosciutto stuffed vinegar peppers


All our food is prepared with love, in the house, and made from only the finest, freshest ingredients 

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What is Vera Pizza Napulitana?
Vera Pizza Napoletana is a movement whose goal is to promote and protect the name and the product Pizza Napoletana; a style of pizza and tradition found in Naples. The term Vera, or Verace, means true, genuine, or real. The movement does not have a single voice, but rather is supported by a range of organizations, including trade associations, restaurants, equipment and ingredient producers, trainers and schools. 




  • Anema e' Cozze

    Anema e' Cozze

    Mussels , shrimp and countneck clams, oregano,parsley and olive oil
  • Ortolana


    Zucchini, Sicilian eggplant, exotic mushroom, broccoli rabe,garlic , fiore di latte
  • Saporita


    Broccoli rabe , housemade sausage, olive oil, parmegiano reggiano

At MAST’ we want our guest to feel at home, this is your neighborhood and we are your haven. The MAST’ bottle keep service is designed to allow our guests to purchase a bottle of their choice off of our restaurant’s bottle list, he or she is given a membership card and the bottle is tagged and placed in our custom lockers located in our lounge area. Upon arrival to the restaurant, just present your card to your server upon which you will be presented tableside with your bottle, a beaker of your choice mixer, and filtered ice. The only fee is the upfront charge to buy the bottle, there are no rental fees. When you’ve had enough, we’ll tag it with your name and store it safely in our Bottle Keep.

This service allows our guest to stay and sip responsibly and leisurely. Come make yourself at home.

You’ll also receive upon your request “privilege cards” . These cards give the holder authorization to use your select bottle. Your guest simply hands their server their privilege card and they will bring them your bottle service in the exact fashion as yours. Makes for a great impression and marvelous, unique gift.

  • Mast'  Cocktails

    Mast' Cocktails

  • Superb Wines

    Superb Wines





            Head bartender Ronny Aquino has been a bartender for 15 years, and he brought all of that experience with him when he came on as a bartender at ‘MAST on opening day. Our cocktail list has something for everybody, from sweet to strong, big and bold to light and fruity. With our Strawberry Basil Margarita, made with fresh strawberries and basil, tequila, lime juice, and a salted rim, you can be sure you will be asking for strawberry margaritas every time you go out.  If you’re looking for a bit of a stronger drink to go with your meal, the bar also includes a full negroni list, a cocktail originated in Florence, Italy, which goes beyond the classic negroni. We have just what every person is looking for to pair with their delicious meals. Stop by and sit on our patio and try our luscious cocktails assured to keep you cool in the sun! 


MONDAY -TUESDAY -WEDNESDAY : 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

THURSDAY – FRIDAY : 11:00 am – 1:00 am

SATURDAY : 4:00 pm – 1:00 am

SUNDAY : 4:00 – 10:00 pm

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‘MAST has teamed up with two local delivery services so you can enjoy handcrafted Italian cuisine in the comfort of your own home. Click on one of the two following links to place an order:

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YELP – Jennifer A  05/02/2016

I’ve eaten at many of the US’s “best pizza in the country” places like Pepe’s and Keste, in search of pizza like I had in Italy some years ago.  Nothing has come close until Mast.  An Italian friend told me about it, saying it’s the only pizza he’s had in the US that’s like home.

The specialty pizzas are absurdly expensive for what you get, but the simple options, like the margarita, are well priced and absolutely authentically Italian and delicious.  I can’t wait to go back.

TRIPADVISOR – Vnorvi Dined 5-23-2016

“Perfect Pace for Comfortable Dinner”

Restaurant was close to our hotel, which fit the bill for a long day with a 9 year old in tow. We had very fresh oysters, arugula salad and beef shortribs on polenta. The atmosphere is upscale tavern, informal but great food.

OPENTABLE – Dined  05/10/2016